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Study Objectives:

  • To quantify the clinical event rate due to anticipated events at angiographically mild lesions
  • To identify lesions at risk for future clinical events

Key Findings:

  • IVUS characteristics and VH IVUS plaque type were the only independent predictors of future MACE events occurring at individual lesions
  • Baseline clinical and angiographic factors were poor predictors of non-culprit lesion events
  • VH IVUS changes the lesion risk profile

Plaque Burden at the MLA Image Graph

What is VH IVUS?

Volcano's proprietary VH IVUS technology uses advanced spectral analysis of the ultrasound signal to characterize atherosclerotic plaque into four different colorized tissue types: fibrous, fibro-fatty, dense calcium, and necrotic core. VH IVUS images can be created only with Volcano's imaging systems and Eagle Eye® Gold and Eagle Eye® Platinum digital IVUS catheters.